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Tomáš (first from the left), who prepared the course in Kotva for you, has minigolf in his DNA. In addition to being a racing player for over 30 years, he is also the president of the Czech Minigolf Association, coach and founder of the Yamka minigolf club, which has raised several successful Czech representatives of the sport.

The story of Kotva Minigolf begins with a 7-year-old boy who was enchanted by minigolf on holiday in Slovakia.

He not only played it there, but at 11 he started playing minigolf competitively in Olomouc. It happened on October 17, 1989, when he enlisted in the local minigolf club - it was such a revolutionary affair that the old regime in the state lasted only a month ...

He helped with the operation of the relocated Olomouc playground in the summer of 1997 (despite the great floods in Moravia). In the same year, when he arrived at a university in Ostrava, he discovered devastated minigolf on local university dormitories, and a year later he and his friend began repairing and running the course (an official minigolf tournament took place here in 2001 with probably the world's first online webcast) .
In 2004, he moved to Prague, where he worked as a tax advisor at the renowned and currently the largest tax advisory company in the Czech Republic.

From an early age, he had one dream - a network of minigolf courses throughout the country. And indoor minigolf? Unrealizable madness ...

And yet - in 2010, with its two co - workers, the only indoor minigolf in the Czech Republic - Minigolf Butovice - opened its time.

Since then, thousands of people come to minigolf every year, the tournament with the largest prize money in the history of minigolf took place here, dozens of birthday parties were held and the first children began to participate in minigolf clubs.

In August 2018, minigolf moved from Butovice to the Kotva department store, where everything continues.

I introduce my colleagues to the secrets of minigolf, so that they can make your stay with us more pleasant for all of you.

By coming to us, you help me live my dream. Thank you for that.

Tomáš Navrátil