J unior Minigolf Masters

The Junior Minigolf Masters is the largest minigolf tournament of all time. Throughout history, it has been attended by 5,000 players. The first two years took place in Prague at Minigolf Butovice, from the year 2018/2019 it continues at Minigolf Kotva.

The main reason for organizing the tournament is working with young people, introducing a lesser-known sport and involving children in sports activities as such. Minigolf is suitable for this purpose for several reasons. It can be played by anyone, while still maintaining a high level of competition and the involvement of all players in one place is not necessary for the involvement of a large number of players. At the same time, minigolf tests concentration, independence, emotion handling, fine motor skills or precision, and also strengthens stress resistance, responsibility and fairness.

Take a look at the interim results of the current year of the tournament in the results list .

You can also read more about the history of the tournament and find out more information .  

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Take a look at the results list of the current year of the tournament

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